• UAB “Vilaurita” manufactures and sells the highest-quality products for babies and little children: casual and occasional clothes for various seasons, bedding, textile baby toiletries, underlays for cribs and strollers, protective elements and more.

    We sell products made of various-fibre certified fabrics made of organic cotton, linen, merino wool, bamboo fibre. All the products offered by us are characteristic of high-quality sowing, attractive design, they are comfortable for wearing and maintain good appearance after washing.

    The offered products are characteristic of delicate, pastel colouring, fine-drawn ornamentation, decorative details attractive to the little ones. 

    "Vilaurita" is Lithuanian company and has more than 20 years of experience in baby clothes and bedding manufacturing. This made "Vilaurita" a real expert in making top-notch quality products. 

    A wonderful childhood with the products of UAB “Vilaurita”!