Merino wool cap

  • Merino wool cap

    100% merino wool
  • Light pure merino wool baby cap with strings.
    Super soft cap is an ideal choice for a baby. It will keep your baby's ears and head fully covered.
    For indoor and outside use when it's not too cold. During cold winter often used as a first layer cap under the warm one.

    Did you know that babies lose heat very quickly, most of it - through the scalp? Keep your baby warm with this beautiful cap!  

    Merino wool clothes have a lot of benefits for your baby!

    --- Merino wool is hypoallergenic.
    --- Products made of merino wool won't allow forming bacteria around or on baby's skin and don't cause allergies. This is imperative for infants with sensitive skin, who suffer from allergies. Merino wool is a 100% natural product – it is much more healthy for your baby than synthetic materials.


    Composition: 100% merino wool.
    Made in Lithuania, EU.
    *CAP SIZE, CM is the size of the child's head circumference. 


    Note: merino wool fabric is stretchy.