Merino wool body

  • Merino wool body

  • High-quality thin merino wool bodysuit for a newborn. Essential to any newborn wardrobe. Wear it next to the baby's skin. Bodysuit is super soft and delicate to sensitive baby's skin.

    Merino wool clothes - like mother's hug to your baby.
    Merino wool clothes have a lot of benefits for your baby.

    Merino wool products help maintain optimum body temperature.
    Clothes made with merino wool are suitable for warm and cold weather. Infants up to 18 months aren't fully adapted to their environment and they may lose warmth quickly.
    Merino wool helps to maintain optimum body temperature and the infant is nor too warm nor cold. That is crucial for infants which are prone to being sick, also the ones who were born prematurely.
    Merino wool clothes are excellent absorbers of moisture.
    Merino wool can absorb moisture very well – up to 40% of own weight. This means baby will never be sweaty. Merino wool has a layer of lanolin, which naturally helps extract moisture from the skin that's why infant will always be dry and will not sweat.
    Merino wool products are great for having a good sleep.--- Clothes and bedding made of merino wool will provide a longer, peaceful and more comfortable sleep. As the products made of merino wool are soft for the sensitive skin of the baby, they help regulate the body temperature and this allows for a baby to have a luscious sleep.
    Merino wool products improve blood flow.

    Clothes with merino wool can have a positive effect on baby's health. Researches found that merino wool products improve blood flow and metabolism. This is crucial for prematurely born babies in order for them to gain weight quicker.
    Merino wool is hypoallergenic.

    Products made of merino wool won't allow forming bacteria around or on baby's skin and don't cause allergies. This is imperative for infants with sensitive skin, who suffer from allergies. Merino wool is a 100% natural product – it is much more healthy for your baby than synthetic materials.

    Composition: 100% merino wool.

    Press studs do not contain nickel.

    Made in Lithuania, EU.


    Our sizes are indicated by the child's height in cm.

    Size 56 EU (56 cm height) - 22 inches
    Size 62 EU (62 cm height) - 24.4 inches

    Sizes 56-62 fit ~5.7 kg (12.6 lb) weight newborn.
    Size 62 baby could wear up to 6 months because of stretchy merino wool fabric.